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Our team represents buyers, sellers, developers, property owners, and contractors in New York and New Jersey.

  • Purchase and sale of new and existing commercial properties

  • Drafting and review of commercial lease agreements

  • Property management contracts

  • Quiet title actions and property disputes

  • Injunctive relief

  • Foreclosures

  • Real estate litigation

  • Landlord/tenant issues

  • ​Negotiate and review purchase agreements

  • Perform title examinations

  •  Obtain mortgages

  • Affirm mortgage commitments

  • Manage residential closings.


Our team serves as advisors to landlords and tenants who negotiate commercial and residential lease agreements. We specialize in drafting, analyzing, and redlining complex leases. We will inform you of your rights as a tenant under the terms of your lease.

We draft commercial leases to ensure that our client's businesses are fully functional and operating within the required guidelines of the jurisdiction. Our team will review and negotiate the terms of your lease to provide you with the best opportunity for your business. 

We draft residential leases to ensure that tenants are living in safe and comfortable conditions.


We represent both landlords and tenants in commercial and residential leases. We assist landlords in:

  • Creating legitimate leases

  • Advise on property protection

  • Maintenance and repairs

  • Law compliance

  • Eviction


In addition, we represent tenants against landlords in violation of lease agreements

Our team will mediate any conflict between landlords and tenants. 

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